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AWS Amplify

Deploy your Nuxt Application to AWS Amplify infrastructure.

Zero Configuration ✨
Integration with AWS Amplify is possible with zero configuration, learn more.


  1. Login to the AWS Amplify Hosting Console
  2. Click on "Get Started" > Amplify Hosting (Host your web app)
  3. Select and authorize access to your Git repository provider and select the main branch
  4. Choose a name for your app, make sure build settings are auto-detected and optionally set requirement environment variables under the advanced section
  5. Optionally, select Enable SSR logging to enable server-side logging to your Amazon CloudWatch account
  6. Confirm configuration and click on "Save and Deploy"

Learn more

Watch an Amplify Hosting tutorial with Nuxt
Head over Nitro documentation to learn more about the aws-amplify deployment preset.